Innovative Crowdfunding - Lower Fees* - Fewer Restrictions

All of your crowdfunding needs in one place.

Launching November, 2017 - Check back frequently.


Your project is your passion. QuickFund can help your forge your dream in to polished reality by giving you a foundational platform to raise money. You get to keep more of what your backers give you. We've got lots of innovations in store for the Forge, so stay tuned.


People helping people. QuickFund creates a bridge between people in need and those with big hearts, ready to give. When you give through QuickFund, more of your money will go to the intended recipient. We offer a flexible system with multiple payment options.


What do you want to create today? QuickFund gives your fans a way to contribute to your efforts and you get to keep more of it. With monetization under attack on other mediums, it's more important than ever that you can fund your craft with more than just advertising.

*Quick Fund fees are 3.5% + transaction fees ranging from 1% to 3% + $0.30/transaction

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